Tours nach Usbekistan: Taschkent, Samarkand, Buchara, Chiwa

  • Kombinierte Touren IV. Uzbekistan und Turkmenistan (10 Tage/9 Nächte)
  • Archeologische Tour in “Dalvarzintepa” (8 Tage/7 Nächte)

    Reiseroute: Taschkent – Termez – Dalvarzintepa – Samarkand – Taschkent

    Dauer: 8 Tage/7 Nächte

    Bewegungtyp: Fluglinie und Reisebus

    Besuch Stadte: Taschkent (2) – Samarkand (1) – Termez (1) – Dalvarzintepa (3)


    Saison: ganzes Jahr

    Aufenhalt: In den Hotels, privaten Haus und Expeditions-Basis


    Beschreibung: Reisen in den touristischen Städte vonUsbekistan. Das beste Programm für den Besuch der archäologischen Stätten von Surkhandarya Region

  • Teppiche Tour (8 Tage/7 Nächte)

    Reiseroute: Tasсhkent – Chiwa - Buhara – Shaxrisabz - Samarkand - Taschkent

    Dauer: 8 Tage, 7 Nächte

    Bewegungtyp: Fluglinie ungd Reisebus

    Besuch Stadte: Chiwa(1) - Taschkent (2) - Samarkand (2) - Shaxrisabz und Bukhara (2) 

    Saison: ganzes Jahr

    Aufenhalt: in den Hotels

    Description: Reisen und Besuchung Teppiche Fabrik in den Städte Usbekistans. Tour besteht aus historische Komponents. 8 Tage Reisetour mit Besuchung historische Plätze von Chiwa, Samarkand, Buhara, Shaxrisabz und Taschkent.

    Taschkent: Alte Stadt : Besuchung Khazrat-Imam Kompleks - Medresse Barak-Khan (XVI c.); Jami Moschee (XIX c.); Mausoleum Kaffal-Shoshi (XV c.). Medresse Kukeldash (XV c.). Neu Stadt: Besuchung Angewandte Kunst Museum, Amir Temur Grünanlage, Opera und Ballet Theater Alisher Navoi, teppiche Fabrik

    Samarkand: Besuchung Registan Platz: Medrasse Ulugbek (XIV), Sherdor Medrasse (XVII) und Tillya Kari Medrasse (XVII); Gur-Emir Mausoleum (XV c.), Ulughbek Observatorium (XV.), Bibi Khanum Moschee (XV c.), Shakhi Zinda Mausoleum (XII-XVI cc.), teppiche Fabrik

    Shaxrisabz: Besuchung: Ak- Saray Palast (14-15cc.), Darus-Saadat, Dorut-Tillavat Kompleks (14-16cc.), Ulugbek Gumbazi- Seyidan Makbarat, Kok- Gumbaz Moschee (15 cc.)


    Bukhara: Besuchung Ark Fortress (VII-XIX); Mausoleum Ismail Samani (X), Medrese Ulugbek (1417), Poi-Kalyan Kompleks: Minaret Kalyan (XII), Medrese Mir-Arab (XVI), Kalyan Moschee (XV); Taki-Zargaron Dome Bazar (XVI), Lyabi-Khauz Moschee (XVI-XVII), Chor-Minor Medrese (1807), Besuchung Sitorai Mokhi Hosa Palast (XIX-XX), privat Teppiche Fabrik

    Chiwa: ganzen Tag Exkursion Program in Ichan- Qala Komplex, Teppiche Fabrik


  • Tour “Keramiken World von Usbekistan” (12 Tage/11 Nächte)

    Reiseroute: Taschkent – Fergana – Margilan – Rishtan – Kokand – Kuva – Andijan – Taschkent – Urgentsch – Chiwa – Buchara – Gijduvan – Samarkand – Taschkent

    Dauer: 12 Tage/11 Nächte

    Bewegungtyp: Fluglinie und Reisebus

    Besuch Stadte: Taschkent (3) – Fergana (3) – Margilan – Rishtan – Kokand – Kuva – Andijan – Chiwa (1) – Buchara (2) – Gijduvan – Samarkand (2)


    Saison: ganzes Jahr

    Aufenhalt: In den Hotels


    Beschreibung: Reisen in den größten touristischen Städte vonUsbekistan. Tour besteht aus Keramik-Kunst, historische und archäologische Komponenten. Beste Tour-Paket für Ihren Besuch Gedenkstätte Komplexen und Keramik-Studios der Republik Usbekistan.

  • Buddhistische Tour (8 Tage/7 Nächte)

    Reiseroute: Taschkent – Samarkand – Shaxrisabz – Termez – Buhara – Taschkent

    Dauer: 8 Tage, 7 Nächte

    Bewegungtyp: Fluglinie und Reisebus

    Besuch Stadte: Taschkent (2), - Samarkand (2) - Shaxrisabz, Termez (2) - Buhara (1)

    Saison: ganzes Jahr

    Aufenhalt: in den Hotels


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Über uns

The tour operating company “UZINTOUR” started its activity in 1994. Its foundation reflects the important landmarks of the development of local tourist industry, which unites nowadays about 400 companies.
12 years before “UZINTOUR” could present only small amount of tour services, now it is one of the leading tour-operators of the republic of Uzbekistan, with a wide arrangement of services. The famous name of company was made by a professional team of young specialists, ready to give answers to any questions of clients.

Special policy of the company, marketing researches of the tour-operating sphere, diplomacy in the developing connections with business partners, executions of partnership duties, forming and promotion the real tourist products, accurate selection of professionals, constant development of the material base, let“UZINTOUR” company to get the serious position in the tour-operating sphere of the republic.

UZINTOUR has a special slogan in its activity: “Guest in the house means happiness in the house”.

UZINTOUR gives to the clients hospitality and care, and tries to offer different and high quality arrangement of the tour service:

  • organization of excursions, different travel itineraries around Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan for both tour groups and around Great Silk Road;

  • arrangement of historical-cultural, archaeological, transit as well special interest tours;

  • booking of hotels;

  • transfers, booking of air tickets for domestic flights;

  • experienced guide services, interpreters (English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, and so on);

  • arrangement of meals (European and national cuisine)
    organization of folklore shows (theatrical programs, national songs, dances, camel safari),
    coach services (comfortable big buses, mini- and media buses, sedan type cars).

  • “UZINTOUR” has its own vehicles: Mercedes Benz, media bus Toyota Coaster, jeep Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota corolla and Daewoo Nexia;

  • visa support (invitation letter);

UZINTOUR has its own branch offices in legendary and tourist destination cities - Samarkand and Bukhara, which makes the organization of tours be more operative and mobile in regions The company is oriented on in-bound and out- bound tourism. The company organizes not only individual or small-group tours, but also charter flights.

“UZINTOUR” participates in many international Travel Fairs: FITUR (Spain), ITB (Gemany), BIT (Italy), MITT (Moscow), TITF (Uzbekistan), Tur Sib (Novosibirsk - Russia), JATA (Japan), Salon Mondial du Tourisme (France) and etc.

According to the 2005 year results “UZINTOUR” was awarded as the “ the best in-bound tour-operator of Uzbekistan”.

Tourists from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Sweden, Russia, Israel, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey and others, who visited Uzbekistan with UZINTOUR, mark the highest quality of services and the professional experienced guides, and tour-operators – reliability and safety.

Philosophical motto of the company is presented by a simple slogan “ It is better with us!”. 

With UZINTOUR your dreams come true.