Özbekistan Turları: Taşkent, Semerkant, Buhara, Hiva

  • Budist Tur (8 gün/7 gece)
  • “Özbekistan’ın Seramik Dünyası” Turu (12 gün/11 gece)

    Tur programi: Taşkent – Fergana – Margilan – Riştan – Kokand – Kuva – Andican – Taşkent – Urgenç –  Hiva – Buhara – Gijduvan – Semerkant – Taşkent

    Süre: 12 gün/11 gece

    Hareket şekli: Karayolu ve uçak

    Ziyaret edilecek şehirler (geceler): Taşkent (3) – Fergana (3) – Margilan – Riştan – Kokand – Kuva – Andican –  Hiva (1) – Buhara (2) – Gijduvan – Semerkant (2)


    Sezon: Yil boyunca

    Konaklama: tek ve iki kişilık odalar

    Açiklama: Özbekistan turistik şehirleri gezilmesi. Tur paketi seramik sanatı, tarihi ve arkeolojik bileşenlerden oluşur. Özbekistan’ın anıtları ve seramik stüdyoları ziyareti için en iyi tur paketi.

  • Halı turu (8 gün/7 gece)
  • “Dalvarzintepa” arkeolojik turu (8 gün/7 gece)

    Tur programi: Taşkent – Termiz – Dalvarzintepa – Semerkant – Taşkent

    Süre: 8 gün/7 gece

    Hareket şekli: Karayolu ve uçak

    Ziyaret edilecek şehirler (geceler): Taşkent (2) – Semerkant (1) – Termiz (1) – Dalvarzintepa (3)


    Sezon: Yil boyunca

    Konaklama: tek ve iki kişilık odalar

    Açiklama: Özbekistan turistik şehirleri gezilmesi. Surkhandarya bölgesi arkeolojik kazılarını ziyaret etmek için en iyi tur programı

  • Yahudi Tur (8 gün/7 gece)

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Özbekistan boyunca tur Kombine tur IV. Özbekistan ve Türkmenistan (10 gün/9 gece)

Tur talebi

Travel itineraryTashkent – Urgench - Khiva – Kunya Urgench – Khiva – Urgench - Bukhara - - Shahrisabz -Samarkand – Tashkent – Chimgan - Tashkent.


Duration: 10 days, 9 nights

Kind of route: airway tour and motor coach

Places of visit (nights): Khiva (2) - Tashkent (3), - Samarkand (2), Shahrisabz, Bukhara (2) – and Chimgan

Best time to travel: all year

Accommodation: single or double accommodations in hotels

Description: Traveling in major tourist cities of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Tashkent: Visiting Old part of the city: Visiting Khazrat-Imam Complex including Madrasseh Barak-Khan (XVI c.); Jami Mosque (XIX c.); Mausoleum of Kaffal-Shoshi (XV c.). Madrasseh of Kukeldash (XV c.). Modern part of the city: visiting Museum of Applied Arts, Amir Temur square, Opera and Ballet Theater named by Alisher Navoi.

Samarkand: Visiting Registan square including: Madrasseh of Ulugbek (XIV), Sherdor Madrasseh (XVII) and Tillya Kari Madrasseh (XVII); Gur-Emir Mausoleum (XV c.), Ulughbek’s Observatory (XV.), Bibi Khanum Mosque (XV c.), Shakhi Zinda Mausoleum (XII-XVI cc.).

Shahrisabz: Visiting: Ak- Saray Palace (14-15cc.), Darus-Saadat, Dorut-Tillavat Complexes (14-16cc.), Ulugbek’s Gumbazi- Seyidan Makbarat, Kok- Gumbaz Mosque (15 cc.)

Bukhara: Visiting Ark Fortress (VII-XIX); Mausoleum of Ismail Samani (X), Medrese of Ulugbek (1417), Poi-Kalyan Complex including: Minaret of Kalyan (XII), Medrese of Mir-Arab (XVI), Kalyan Mosque (XV); Taki-Zargaron Dome Bazar (XVI), Demonstration of silk production and materials, Lyabi-Khauz Mosque (XVI-XVII), Chor-Minor Medrese (1807), Visiting Sitorai Mokhi Hosa Palace (XIX-XX).

Khiva: Full day sightseeing program in Ichan- Qala

Kunya Urgench: Visiting: Tjubek Khanum, Fakhretdin mausoleum, Arslan mausoleum, Tekesh mausoleum and minaret, Sultan Ali and Nadjmeddin Kubra mausoleums

Chimgan mountains: Horse riding and rope- way near Chimgan mountains.

Table of days:


Accommodation in hotel.
Overnight in Tashkent



05:00 Early breakfast at the hotel

05:45 Tashkent domestic airport

07:00 Flight to Urgench, transfer to Khiva (30)

10:00 Excursion program over Khiva: "Museum under the open sky".
History of Khorezm dates so long back to ancient times that only few civilizations can equal its age. You will see palaces with the rich mosaic, unique beautiful minarets, madrasahs and mosques such as:Mausoleum of Pahlavan Makhmud (XVII-XIX), Tosh-Khowli Palace (Harem) (1830-1836), Kunya-Ark Fortress (1868-1888), Kalta-Minor Minaret (1855), Medrese of Shergazi-Khan (1718-1720), Complex of Alla-Kuli Khan (XIII-XVIII), Juma Mosque and Minaret (XII-XX), Karavan-Saray (XVIII), Minaret and Mosque of Khodja-Islam (1908-1910), Tim of Ala-Kulikhan (XIX), Medrese of Abdulla-Khan (1865), Mausoleum of Said Alautdin (XIV), Medrese of Mukhamad Amin-Khan (XIX), Walls of Ichan-Kala (XVIII-XIX), Palvan-Darvaza Gate (XIX). (Architectural complex of Ichan-Kala is a mini town and excursion is held inside of Ichon-Kala by walk)

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Continuation of excursion program over Khiva.

19.00 Dinner

Overnight in Urgench or Khiva


Khiva-Kunya Urgench-Khiva

08:00 Breakfast at the hotel

09.00 Transfer to Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan border point Dashoguz. Crossing the border, transfer to Kunya-Urgench. Sightseeing program in Kunya-Urgench, visit Turabek Hanim Palace, Khorezm Shakh il Arslan Mausaleum and other monuments. Return to Dashoguz for lunch. Return back to border, crossing the border and return to Khiva. Overnight at the hotel.

13:00 Lunch

14: 00 Continuation of excursion

16:30 Driving back to Khiva, passing uzbek – turkmen border

18:00 Arrival to the hotel, accommodation at the hotel

19:00 Dinner

Overnight in Khiva


Khiva -Bukhara 


9.00 Departure to Bukhara (480 km) through Kizil-Kum desert.

13:00 Lunch and seeing Amudarya river.

18.00 Arrival to Bukhara. Accommodation in the hotel.

19.00-20.00 Dinner.

Overnight in Bukhara


08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Excursion program over Bukhara: Ark Ancient Fortress (1 cc. BC), Mausoleum of Samanids (9-10 cc.), Kalyan Minaret (12 cc.), Chashma-Ayub ensemble-Mausoleum (12-14 cc.), Ulugbek's Madrasseh (15 cc.). 

13.00 Lunch

14.00-Continuation of excursion Visiting Taki-Zargaron Dome Bazar (XVI), Demonstration of silk production and materials, Lyabi-Khauz Mosque (XVI-XVII), Chor-Minor Medrese (1807), Mokhi-Khosa Summer Residence.

18.00 Dinner in Medreseh Nodir Devan Begi with folklore show (by request)

Overnight in Bukhara



08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Transfer to Samarkand through Shakhrisabz. (260 km).

12:30 Arrival to Shakhrisabz

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Excursion program over Shakhrisabz: Ak-Saray Palace (14-15 cc.), Darus-Saodat, Dorut-Tillavat Complexes (15-16 cc.), Ulugbek's Gumbazi-Seyidan Makbarat, Kok-Cumbaz Mosque (15 cc.). 

17.00 Departure to Samarkand (90 km).

18:30 Arrival to Samarkand

19:00 Dinner

Overnight in Samarkand



08:00 Breakfast at the hotel

09:00 Full day excursion program over Samarkand: Shakhi-Zinda Architectural Ensemble (14-15 cc.), Registan Square, Cur-Emir Mausoleum (14-15 cc.), Bibi-Khanum Mosque (14-15 cc.), Observatory of Ulugbek, Oriental bazaar - Siyab.

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Continuation of the excursion.

18:00 Dinner

Overnight in Samarkand.


08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Departure to Tashkent

13:00 Arrival to Tashkent

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Excursion program over Tashkent: Kukaldash Madrasseh (14 cc.), Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum (14 cc.), Barak-khana Madraseh (16 cc.), Juma Mosque (19 cc.), Amir Temur square, Opera and Ballet Theater named by Alisher Navoi

19.00 Dinner in Broadway (by request)

Overnight in Tashkent


08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Coach trip to Chimgan mountains. Horse riding and rope- way walking near

Chimgan mountains.

13:00 Lunch in open air.

14:00 Continuation of excursion in mountains.

17:00 Departure to Tashkent 

18:30 Arrival at hotel

19:00 Dinner

Overnight in Tashkent


End of tour.

Seeing off in airport.


Hotel options:

To make your stay pleasantly in Uzbekistan, we offer you 2 different Deluxe ( or ) or Budget ( or ) hotel options. Also for your convenience, according to your desire and budget you can choose any accommodation in Uzbekistan hotel list , and let us know by filling special cells - hotel name and room type in tour request form.


Our travel experts will do their best.

Table of cities:



Dedeman Tashkent or

Grand Mir or


Hotel Grand Raddus JSS or

Grand Orzu Hotel


Prezident Hotel or 

Afrosiyob Palace

Malika Hotel or

Zarina Hotel or

Orient Star Samarkand 



Bukhara Palace  or

Omar Hayam or


Lyabi House Hotel or

Caravan Hotel or 

Sasha & Son Hotel 



Khoresm Palace- Urgench 

Asia Khiva or

Malika Khiva or


Standard tour price includes
1. Accommodation; 
2. Breakfast; 
3. Transportation with A/C, according to your choice in tour request form - throughout the whole trip; 
4. Sightseeing tour program in all cities, including entrance fees to sights, museums, mausoleums, except camera/video fees ; 
5. Airplane tickets for internal flights; 
6. Visa support. 
7. Escort guide.

Tour price does not include
1. Local guide in each city. 
2. Lunches and dinners. 
3. Hotel charges for additional services; 
4. Consular fees paid upon collection of the entrance Visa; 
5. International airfares; 
6. Personal insurance and any items not mentioned above.